APRIL 25, 6-11 PM

7624 NW 6TH AVE. BOCA RATON, FL 33487

Travel baseball is a costly sport. Many children would not be able to play without extra help from community donations. Join Mo Vaughn and the Boca Raton PawSox Baseball Club for a fun night of fundraising to raise money for youth baseball programs. Meet Mo Vaughn and enjoy a night of Poker, Silent Auction, Black Jack, Drinks, Food and more entertainment.


Join Mo Vaughn and the Boca Raton PawSox Baseball Club Inc. in a Fundraiser for youth baseball programs in South Florida.

WHAT: The Boca Raton PawSox Baseball Club Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization founded by Mo Vaughn. The money raised at this event will go towards travel expenses for tournaments, uniforms, umpire fees, equipment, paid professional coaches, as well as scholarships for underprivileged children who are unable to afford travel baseball, and more costs associated with our organization.

WHEN: Saturday, April 25, 2020  6:00 PM – 11:00 PM


Mo Vaughn Baseball Academy

7624 NW 6TH Ave.

Boca Raton, FL 33487

DETAILS: Poker, Bingo, Black Jack, Silent Auction Items, Drinks and Food! Happy Hour is 6-7 PM.


For General Admission (Non-Poker Player)

If you wish to attend to show your support and participate in other events taking place besides Poker, such as Bingo, Black Jack and our Silent Auction, we ask for a $10 donation. Food will be included. Drinks are $5. Happy Hour is 6-7 PM with $2 drinks. Please pay online prior to the event and print out your tickets to present at the door.

$10 per person. Please select # of people. (*all sales are final)

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For POKER Admission

FOR POKER: Register in advance online  at Palm Beach Casino Nights before April 20th and get a double stack of chips – $50 for 2000 chips/units! After that date, it’s 1000 chips/units for the $50. The buyback at the poker night is $25 for 1000 chips/units.  There will be Bingo & Black Jack available – which you do not pre-register to play.

$50 per person. Please register at Palm Beach Casino Nights via clicking the button below.

Want to help but can’t attend our event?

The Boca Raton Pawsox Baseball Club Inc is a 501C3 Nonprofit Organization

About the Mo Vaughn Boca Raton PawSox The Boca Raton PawSox is a South Florida based non-profit organization committed to providing young athletes (boys & girls) with the opportunity to increase their skill level, enhance healthy competition, and to make competitive baseball enjoyable.   Our Mission is to create an environment that promotes the love of the game necessary for travel baseball through instruction, teamwork, dedication, and hard work. All Monies go to youth baseball, travel programs and encouraging an active, healthy lifestyle for all children.  The Boca Raton PawSox has grown into three teams – 8U, 11U and 12U. For more information on the Mo Vaughn Boca Raton PawSox visit

Charity EIN #: 83-1165173


Please send any mail to:
510 NW 77th Street
Boca Raton, FL, 33487


A message from Mo Vaughn

Every child deserves a chance to play. Over the last few years, I’ve been deeply involved in the South Florida youth baseball community. I’ve witnessed firsthand a great divide in youth sports – especially in travel baseball where equipment and travel are costly.

A glove can cost $300, a bat $380. Lower income families simply can’t afford to play. Factor in gas to drive to games, hotel stays, meals and drinks, and the proper support system to take shifts off from work to get their young ones to the game … and we’ve now alienated a large population of kids due to expenses. Our average Boca Raton PawSox family may spend up to $6,000 per year for just one player.

I have the Boca Raton PawSox Baseball Club, a 501c3 non-profit organization. We seek to empower, inspire and educate young players from all socioeconomic backgrounds to be leaders through sports, character building, innovative thinking, and giving back to their community through various outreach opportunities. It takes a lot of support to make an organization successful. We could not continue our efforts without the generous support of a caring community.

This is one of the many reasons why I host fundraiser events. Our next fundraiser is April 25 from 6 PM – 11 PM. All proceeds raised goes to the Boca Raton PawSox Baseball Club Inc. This nonprofit organization has three teams, 8U, 11U and 12U. The money raised from this event will help support the cost of tournaments, uniforms, umpire fees, equipment, paid professional coaches – as well as scholarships for underprivileged children who would otherwise not be able to afford it.

The game teaches children much more about life than it does about baseball. All kids deserve this opportunity to be coached and to be a part of a team.

I look forward to seeing you at this event.